विनय के अनुपालन से निर्वाणपथ पर कैसे जा सकते हैं / Attaining Nirvana Path by Complying with Vinaya

Benefits of studying the #Vinaya
According to a footnote found in a Chinese Translation of Bhikkhupātimokkha by Mahinda Bhikkhu, (besides the 10 usefulnesses / reasons of the Vinaya as explained in Samantapāsādikā & AN 10.31)
Cleanliness or purity is the aim of the Vinaya. Purification of discipline is
cleanliness. Discipline can be divided into two kinds: discipline for households, and discipline for the homeless monks and nuns. Generally Buddhist followers observe
five precepts #panca­sila or eight precepts #attha­sila , but novices and #samaneri undertake ten precepts #dasa­sila , while monks observe 227 regulations and nuns observe 311 rules of training.

The ten benefits of the vinaya
1.Approval of the rules of the vinaya by the members of the saṃgha: the various points of the vinaya are established so as to preserve all forms of respect from one to others.
2.Harmony and serenity for the members of the saṃgha: the vinaya foresees all methods of solving problems of discord or conflicts.
3.Possibility of expelling those bhikkhus of reckless conduct: with the vinaya as authority, the sangha can banish any bhikkhus who trouble the community.
4.Security for the bhikkhus who have great respect for the rules of the vinaya , people always prefer to help more those who show great virtue.
5.Protection against great dangers in the present existence: the adoption of a right life conduct – including numerous abstinences – reduces considerably the opportunities propitious to dangerous situations.
6.Protection against great dangers in the next existence: the cultivation of great virtue contributes to develop merit so as to benefit from favourable conditions in the next existence.
7.Interest in the dhamma by persons who are not yet interested: Those beings who have an exemplary life discipline naturally inspire a lot of confidence, attention and interest.
8.Increased interest in the dhamma by persons who are already interested: (for the same reason).
9.Stability and durability of the teachings of Buddha: so that a teaching remains intact, it is imperative that those who transmit it are in perfect agreement. This can only be achieved within a community organised around a common code of conduct.
10.Give rise to consideration and worth towards one’s own conduct: the vinaya serves as a reference allowing to validate at any time the quality of one’s conduct.


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