Christian Spirituality

I found god once I lost my religion: Kemetic sprituality vs Christianity

What is the main difference between Kemetic Spirituality and Christianity? In this short video, I give a quick perspective on the matter. If you are interested in learning how to rewire your mind for ...

How to deal with Porn addiction (Marathi version)

In this video we will learn how to deal with porn addiction and get freedom from lust spirits. This is a educational video made in Marathi.

How to deal with Porn addiction

Porn addiction is a very common problem affecting the modern world. In this video we will look at how to overcome Porn Addiction and be free from Lust Spirits.

Bible Basics

In this video we will discuss the basics of the Bible. How should be read the Bible and is it relevant today?

Importance of Forgiveness

In this video we will discuss the importance of forgiveness in our lives. It is important that we practice forgiveness daily if we want to be healed and delivered and experience the joy of the Lord in...

How to deal with Rejection- A Biblical perspective

In this video we will look at how to deal with rejection from a Biblical perspective. Spirit of rejection is the root cause of many mental and physical illnesses. It is important to deal with it and r...


In this video we will discuss about deliverance ministry and how we can be delivered from demonic oppression.

Servant Leadership

In this video we will discuss the model of servant leadership mentioned in the Bible. Jesus explains the difference between worldly leadership and leadership in Christian Ministry.

How can I fact check christianity and the bible? Kemetic spirituality vs Christianity

Many people will tell you Christianity and the bible is a revelation. But the truth is that all the information that became Christianity originated in ancient Kemet. You can fact check anything in the...