Christian Apologist Impersonates an Atheist, Atheists Respond

Apologist Sean McDowell posed as an atheist to teach Christian students how to debate atheists. It wasn’t a good idea. Here’s why.

Sean has been role-playing as an atheist for christian students for a while, but he recently stepped up the act, telling students in an apologetics class in a christian high school that he really is an atheist. He then held a Q&A where he discussed the multiverse and fine-tuning, biblical prophecy, consciousness and many other subjects related to theology and apologetics. The discourse between Christians and atheists is already strained, and while I think Sean wants to improve that discourse, acts like these are not the way. If we want to understand how someone thinks, we need to talk to them, not someone impersonating them.

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Sean’s “Atheist Encounter” act

Sean’s follow-up video

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