Christian Witchcraft & Paganism | Everything You Need to Know

If you’re Christian or Catholic and considering the path of Christian Witchcraft, Christian Wicca, or Christo-Paganism; this video is everything you need to know. Can I be a Christian Witch? Christian Pagan? Christian Wiccan? How? I’ll tell you!


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Catholic wanting to start witchcraft from witchcraft

For more information on closet witchcraft, visit


0:00 Intro & Disclaimers
2:57 Closet witchcraft
3:35 Structure
4:26 Definitions
5:35 Christian Witchcraft
10:34 How to be a Christian Witch
13:23 Further Reading
15:15 Christo-Paganism
27:29 Further Reading
27:49 Christian Wicca
30:24 Criticisms
36:45 Further Reading
38:06 Final Message
41:09 Outro

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