Do Rituals Help in Spiritual Progress [Hindi with English CC]

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The question asked was, if one should do rituals, yagya etc as stated in the Vedas.

Om Swami says that rituals are not mentioned in any of the vedas. This was introduced much later by the society. Vedas have aradhana (worship), sthuti (songs of praise), sadhana( method used to evoke divinity) and gyan (knowledge). Yagya are of many types. One type of yagya mentioned by Bhagavan is -tamsi yagya, rajsi yagya and sattvik yagya. In these three types of yagyas going forward there are other types of yagya too and they are jap yagya, gyan yagya, athithi yagya and agnihotra. Agnihotra is what has been called as havan or yagya. In very ancient times, special messengers used to carry the sacrifices meant for Indra( lord of gods)personally. Later, times became different and the sacrifices were poured into the fire and it was believed that Swaha (Indra’s wife) carried it to him. This then became a way of being connected to Indra and the gods and so yagya has always been a part of our culture. Om Swami says, that this does not mean that one has to perform yagyas to advance spiritually. It is a matter of sentiments and if one feels happy doing it then they can. One can spiritually advance only when they do good for the society. When one carries out introspection, does good deeds, hears good, speaks good and does good, they advance spiritually very fast and soon they rise above yagya, penance and knowledge. This is the crux of spirituality.
Rituals were connected with religion and were conducted at each and every important phase in one’s life. From the time of conceiving to one’s death. It was a system put into place to remember and being connected to God at various important phases in one’s life. By rituals a person is connected with their religion and it was a way of instilling discipline. But, it’s important to separate religion from spirituality. Most of the time religion and the rituals are believed to be spirituality and many people come to believe that by being ritualistic they are being very spiritual. He says, there comes a time when a person rises above yagya, penance and knowledge. Chanting, yagya and rituals do give benefits but only when done with a proper understanding and with a love for it. If done properly there will be growth otherwise there will be no progress.

00:00 Start
00:44 How many slokas and sthuthis are there in the vedas
01:00 What are the different types of yagya and what are they done for
04:55 Do we have to do yagya to advance spiritually
07:32 Is religion and spirituality the same

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