Feeling Is The Secret: Neville Goddard (Exhaustive Guide & Stories)

Feeling Is The Secret is one of Neville Goddard’s greatest works, which outlines the secret power of your subconscious mind to attain any goal you conceive of. In this video, I summarize and outline the entire book, in depth, cross-referencing it with hundreds of Neville’s other works. I provide stories and example of exactly how to interpret and utilize the secrets of your subconscious mind. I explain the misinterpreted words and ideas in this book, and evidence as to why they were misconstrued. Watch, learn, and apply what you hear to use your subconscious mind and imagination to manifest and create anything you desire to experience.

“Think feelingly only of the state you desire to realize. Feeling the reality of the state sought and living and acting on that conviction is the way of all seeming miracles. All changes of expression are brought about through a change of feeling. A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”

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