How is Jesus, Horus, and Lucifer connected? Kemetic Spiritual Science

Beginner Friendly Ancient Egyptian Mythology explained in detail that exposes Christianity. This video will be a detailed deep dive into Kemetic spiritual science and why ancient Africans didn’t have devils and evil within its spiritual systems. Kemetic Spirituality and its science is very precise. The ideas that became Satan and the devil were misapplications of these ancient sciences.

In Kemetic science Energy as an eternal soul was the central figure in its teachings. This video will take you step by step through the science of the soul and debunk the Christian teachings that came up with devils and evil. Christianity literally hid the true teachings in plain sight and flipped concepts that were positive to negative. They then taught us certain ideas were evil and we should never study or engage with them.

Heru/Horus, Jesus, Imhotep, and Lucifer are all connected based on the ancient teachings. It’s not as preposterous as it may sound when you understand the ancient Kemetic science. The ancient African paradigm is much more positive, healing, and empowering for humanity.

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0:00 begin
4:53 Understand how Africans anthropomorphized nature vs How Greeks and Romans humanized
9:35 A deep detailed dive into the Kemetic principle of Heru/Horus
13:23 The Two Reh, Set and Heru
18:18 How does a soul learn?
19:27 How is Imhotep connected to Horus, Jesus, and Lucifer?
22:41 How is Lucifer and Heru connected?
25:00 What are natural representations of Heru?

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My work and research will blow your mind and open your eyes to the false claim of Christianity that the bible was a revelation (previously unknown). It is a deep dive into African spirituality before religion and waaay more than the shallow diet of regurgitated information served up by most on the ancient Egyptian gods (neters).

Three of the biggest questions my work answers for you:
1. What is African spiritual science?
2. where did this bible story come from and
3. What was that African spiritual science meaning before Christianity twisted it into religion?

Kemet Science is African spirituality based on practical life applications to enhance your life. It is based on the idea of the seven steps of scientific method applied to life.

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Do you want to elevate your knowledge of African spirituality? Do you want to learn the spiritual essence of ideas like KRST, Sin, Heaven, and the resurrection before they became dogmatic Christianity?

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