How To Attained “Full Enlightenment” – Entire Path Explained (Raw Interview) 開悟之路採訪

Caption available. 中文翻譯 CC Explaining the entire Path to “Full Enlightenment”…” “because I’m talking purely about attaining full Realization on the Awakening/Wisdom axis of the spiritual development. However the character still has room on the Morality axis to develop compassion and ethics. Not to mention weird stuff like “magik”. But at this point it feels like there’s NOTHING to integrate (but there is LOL) since there is no one here to do the integration. Whatever nooks and crannies of the character that needs to be aligned with IT will be done through the force of NATURE.
It’s only been a month since the last shift, but so far it’s gotten more and more stable.
If one has any doubts about what’s been experienced and explained in this video, I reckon you go through the Path and see for yourself. No matter which methods and tradition you follow, all spiritual paths lead to the same place. There’s One Truth but infinite ways of expressions and unfoldment. Enjoy brah after a few more videos I would have nothing more to say. HAhahhahah
May all Infinite Brahs be HAPPY! stay safe.

0:15 Three Levels of Understanding
2:14 Source of Suffering
3:00 Peeling The Onion Of The Self
4:11 How The Last Shift Happened
4:43 The Path (2015 – 2020)
6:40 What is “Awareness”
9:55 “Omniscience”
10:47 Is There A Moment Of Enlightenment?
11:07 Desires, Meatsuit/Post Awakening Practice
13:21 Map of Insights Explained

Filmed and Edited by
Also filmed by
Sebastian Golos
Michael Li
Jamie Macgregor

Book Recommendations

Master The Core Teachings Of The Buddha by Daniel Ingram

Contemplative Fitness by Kenneth Folk

Michael Taft (great podcast and guided meditation)

Michael W. Taft

The Mind Illuminated

Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young

Sam Harris’s Waking Up (Send me a DM to receive a free trial of his meditation app)

Music cover for Jay Chou’s Starry Night

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