Introduction to Metaphysics

Hello! Welcome to the first introductory video for our new Metaphysics course. In this series (weekly every Thursday) we shall be uploading lessons on different philosophical methods in the subject of Metaphysics. This will include issues surrounding Ontology, Causation, Mereology, Material objects, modality, philosophy of time, persistence and the problem of Free Will. Subscribe for more and more videos on Philosophy and many more philosophical courses in the future.

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Sources for this course:

We’re going to be using a number of different textbooks and online resources. Here are a number of the ones we shall be looking at (you don’t need to purchase anything! The plan is for people to get an adequate amount of learning from the lessons themselves, but we’re also planning on creating a number of notes documents for the website.

Ney. A “An Introduction to Metaphysics”

[This is the textbook we shall be using mostly; however, we are supplementing this book with other sources].

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

[Various pages]


philosophy, metaphysics, introduction to metaphysics, time, philosophy of time, logic, free will, epistemology, politics, political philosophy, modal logic, modality, possible worlds, ethics, causation, ontology, ockham’s razor

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