January 17, 2021 Worship Service, Lynnewood United Methodist Church

Welcome to our Worship Service for Sunday, January 17, 2021 at Lynnewood United Methodist Church in Pleasanton, CA.

This Sunday is a very special day! We are celebrating our 4th anniversary as a Reconciling Ministry. To learn more about the Reconciling Ministries Network, please visit https://rmnetwork.org/

Our sermon today is by Rev. Kristin Stoneking of Epworth United Methodist Church in Berkeley. It is our honor and privilege to have her as our guest preacher this week!

Remember to join us for fellowship on Zoom after the service! Please visit our website, https://lynnewood.org/, to find out how!

“Lord, I Want to Be a Christian”
Traditional Spiritual | Setting by Robert J. Powell
© 2013 Lorenz Publishing Co., a div. of The Lorenz Corp.

Words: Laurie Zelman & Mark A. Miller
Music: Mark A. Miller
© 2007 Abingdon Press, admin. by The Copyright Company

“Day by Day”
Music: Oscar Ahnfelt | Arranged by James Koerts
© 2011 Alfred Music

“Love Has Broken Down the Wall”
Words & Music: Mark A. Miller
© 2014 Choristers Guild

“Together We Serve”
Words & Music: Daniel Charles Damon
© 1998 Hope Publishing Co.

“He’s Got…the Whole Wide World…in His Hands”
African-American Spiritual | Setting by Joel Raney
© 2004 Hope Publishing Company

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