Skeed Magic Meditation Music brings you this magical music, awaken your magic, activate your magic, connect to source, powerful music sorcery uses occult binaural beats (use headphones) and isochronic tones to help open the thymus and pineal glands which are 2 of the most important physical areas of the body to help you connect to the source and active, awaken and empower your magic. This is as powerful witchcraft or sorcery music can get so just sit back let yourself connect and flow with the music while paying attention to these two areas of your body. This track contains the Rife frequency of 20 hz.

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I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to help yourselves and I hope this truly brings more joy and peace into your life.

I am on a journey to help the world though this magic music in my own little way one video at a time and bring a little more beauty into the world and if you have a meditative mind then feel free to join me.

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This music is also great to use as a sleep loop or as asmr meditation music.


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All images, video clips and music on this channel are either my own, Creative Commons 0 or in the Public Domain to the best of my knowledge. Unless attribution is stated and credited to the authors.

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