Philosophy & What Matters. Ep. 23: Metametaphysics with Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers)

“Philosophy & What Matters” deals with questions that matter to us from a philosophical point of view.

Metaphysics is described as the philosophical study of the fundamental structure of reality. Traditionally, it is first philosophy, the science of things that do not change, and the science of first principles and ultimate causes of things. But how should we conduct such a study? Could we really arrive at the fundamental structure of reality? Asking these questions will lead us to metametaphysics — a brewing philosophical industry that tackles the epistemic and methodological questions about doing metaphysics.

Joining me in this episode is Martin Vacek, Chair of Analytic Philosophy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and guiding us in learning about metametaphysics and why it matters is Jonathan Schaffer, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University.

The “Philosophy & What Matters” website can be found here:

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