Quantum Spirituality with Peter Canova~ Writing as a Tool for Therapy

For today’s Show Peter has an announcement about his anticipated Quantum Spirituality book. He also discusses using writing as a tool for therapy and #consciousness-raising. He gives a fascinating analysis of how classic story structure follows the process of universal spiritual evolution to create great works of art.

Quantum Spirituality with Peter Canova~ Travel on a sweeping journey with #PeterCanova, an international speaker, Gnostic Gospels expert, quantum physics researcher, author, and winner of 25 literary awards as he covers topics like the origin of the world, parallel universes, living in a simulated reality, the meaning of dreams, alternative UFO theories, the nature of consciousness, and many other fascinating topics.

“Quantum Spirituality” with Peter Canova is heard every Tuesday 10am & 10pm on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio & TV Network. New phenomenal Videos each month.

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