Spirituality in Islam | Shaykh Waseem Ahmed

Shaykh Waseem Ahmed explaining the role of spirituality in Islam. Spirituality in Islam has been described by many different names: ihsan, tasawwuf, God consciousness and many others.

Guidance Hub was established in 2015 to build a vibrant, productive and prosperous society. Focusing on: education, spirituality and community.

In September 2017 we acquired our very own premises in Manchester, UK. Our aim is to create a hub for the community of Greater Manchester and to offer many services for the local and wider community, including:

– Islamic education for all: men, women, children, youth and adults​
– Online Courses
– Sports and recreational facilities
– GCSE and A-Level tuition services
– Services for homeschoolers
– Safehaven for women
– A hub for the youth
– New-Muslims support services
– Projects related to relief of poverty in our local area
– Counselling services
– Spiritual centre for Muslims

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