Exorcist Diary: Whose Voice in Your Head?

We all have little voices in our ears. Daily we hear messages, some build us up but many try to tear us down.

Diary of an American Exorcist

The Holy Bread of Eternal Life is a powerful and timely book by scholar Peter Kwasniewski that exalts the divine gift of the Blessed Sacrament, which can never be too much adored, too much loved, too ...

Exorcist Diary: Demons of Depression

An increasing exposure to the demonic brings with it a darkness, heaviness, and a depressive effect. While it looks like a depression, it typically does not respond to medications or psychotherapy.

Exorcist Diary: Don’t Dialogue with the Devil

Satan’s intelligence is superior to ours–don’t start talking to him!

Exorcist Diary: Casting out Demons of Fear

Evil spirits of fear, panic and terror are everywhere trying to destroy our trust in God. The solution is clear: commend it all to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

Exorcist Diary: Two Become One

Demonic possession reveals the depth of marital unity.

Exorcist Diary: “We Won! He Didn’t Rise!”

Demons are blind to the world of grace. They cannot “see” grace or understand its working. Most importantly, they do not “see” the resurrection.

Exorcist Diary: Demons Mess With Easter

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, we say the prayer that St. Faustina offers us, “Jesus, I trust in you.” Satan is toothless and powerless in the presence of the Risen Lord. Trust in Jesus.

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