Exorcist Diary: Whose Voice in Your Head?

We all have little voices in our ears. Daily we hear messages, some build us up but many try to tear us down.

Tapping into your Inner Beauty and Wisdom || Jon Kabat-Zinn Mediation

Filmed as part of the Mitigation Retreat with Jon and Wisdom 2.0 #Wisdom 2.0 #Meditation #Mindfulness’ Learn more at:

When Your Therapist Recommends Buddhist Meditation

What happens if I’m Catholic and my therapist suggests I try a medically approved form of Buddhist meditation?

Good thing to Summon? Your question, My answer… White Magic

Kindly follow the activities inorder to grow in Magic… White Magic Activities: Talk to your deceased loved one in a dream...

What to do if you unearth a history of slavery in your church, college or institution?

With increasing attention to the roots of American slavery in religious life, more churches and faith-based ministries that existed prior to the Civil War are unearthing truths they wish weren’t true....

Call your Momma

She died 20 years ago this month, on Mother’s Day. Shirley Ann Bridges, nee Solter. My mother. She died three months short of her 70th birthday, which was a pretty good span, considering she smoked Sa...

We are at War: Save Your Seat in our Free Spiritual Warfare Webinar

Announcing our next Webinar–don’t miss Dr. Joseph Hollcraft and Fr. Dennis McManus on Spiritual Warfare!

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