The different levels and layers of the mind reality. The framework and structure of the integrated mind sciences.

The Mind Reality Model is the generic layer of everything. It is integration. The framework that contains all other frameworks.

– Parapsychology and Metaphysical level
– Psychological level
– Physical level
– Quantum physical level

The Mind Reality Model is the foundation, the container and the link. It is the study of essence or the nature of all that is – in all, through all and creates all.

Mind sciences is the umbrella term that includes all subjects related to the mind.

Mind Science is inclusive of :

1. Brain Science because the complete study of the mind includes the study of the brain as well. Psychology and Neuroscience are interrelated. The metaphysical aspect of the mind is consciousness and the subconscious. The physical aspect of the mind is the brain, the nervous system and the physical senses.

2. Spiritual Science. All things psychological have a spiritual basis behind them. Reality is ultimately the result of spiritual factors.

What relates to the mind is also relates to reality. Mind affects Reality. The observer simultaneously plays a part in creating the reality he is observing. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of consciousness states that no pure measurement is possible without creation.

Mind Science integrates with Universal Science. Psychology and Physics are correlated. Developments on the leading edge of modern physics such as quantum mechanics, the new cosmology and chaos theory continue to fire the imagination with possible links between physics and the psyche. “A union of psychology and physics seems to me entirely possible” – Jung.

The Sciences of Mind are Seven. They are Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Parapsychology. The Seven Mind Sciences cover the corresponding Levels of Reality.

– Psychological level (Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy)

This is the level we begin when studying the mind. We start primarily by thinking about it and contemplating on how it works.

Everything subject can be fundamentaly considered as philosophy. We start primarily by thinking about something and contemplating on how it works and why it is so. This is how all science begins. We first have a concept or idea about something and then only later when the technology is developed can we deal with it in a more physically scientific way.

Philosophy is the study of the most fundamental and general concepts and principles involved in thought, action, and reality. Philosophy can be considered the very first subject of the mind.

When a more definitive and total subject of the mind was developed, it became know as psychology.

Psychology comes from two words: psyche and logos. Psyche is the greek word which means soul or spirit, loosely translated as mind. Logos means knowledge or study like all “logies”. The first greek letter psi in psyche is used as the international symbol for psychology. Hence, Psychology was originally defined as: the study of the mind.

Psychology is the key mind science because it is the understanding of how perception governs behaviour. How we think affects everything else.

– Physical Level (Neuroscience)

When human technology advanced to a level where we could perform physically scientific examination of the brain, that’s when the physical counterpart of the mind could be understood.

Neuroscience provide a way for us to understand the workings of the mind from a neurological and biological viewpoint.

This help us to know that every activity of the mind such as a thought or an emotion has a corresponding neurological and biological process resulting from it.

– Quantum Physical Level (Metaphysics)

The is the level where we study the construct of all physical reality. We study all physical phenomena at the most minute level. The quantum level.

We know that basically all things consist of matter and energy. And since matter and energy can convert into one another, everything is fundamentally energy. The entire universe is made of pure energy.

All the laws of physics describe the very nature and characteristics of physical reality.

Since all physical reality is an offspring of spiritual reality, the laws of physics follow the laws of spirit.

Hence the principles of metaphysics are mirrored and understood by the principles of quantum physics. The reverse is also true.

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