The Missing Piece to Spiritual Progress | A Monk’s Perspective

The Missing Piece to Spiritual Progress | A Buddhist Monk’s Perspective

Why are you not progressing in your meditation, mindfulness or spiritual practice? It might be because you are not practicing the full training. As people begin their meditation, mindfulness, or spiritual practice, they typically just delve right in without knowing the full model. In this video, I give you the buddhist monk perspective of how we train ourselves and the model that we use. I hope this is helpful to your own practice. #monks #buddhism #spiritual #meditation

0:00 Intro
1:05 Body & Mind
2:12 My fitness mistake
5:49 How to develop the mind
6:35 The missing piece to spiritual practice
11:56 How did we get to this point?
12:05 We may not know
13:45 Picking and choosing

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