TOP Atheists BEST Arguments Against God. How Bad Are They?

0:00 Introduction
1. 6:23 We Are All Atheists
2. 24:46 Religion Only Exists Through Indoctrination
3. 33:10 Atheism Is Instinctual
4. 48:06 Religion Is Desperation
5. 1:00:58 The Problem of Evil

An atheist offers what he sees as the best arguments against God. I admit ahead of time that this is mostly low hanging fruit. But I also would say that this sort of atheist reasoning is so prevalent that it needs to be addressed. That being said, this stuff is pretty bad. I want to offer a breakdown of this atheist’s article which is perhaps a pretty serious commentary on some of the problems in pop-atheism. All in all there are 4 really bad arguments and 1 really tough one. I’ll try to get to all of them but when I did this for my small group yesterday I was only able to get to the first four. We’ll see how it goes.
This video is in lieu of the Mark series which will pick up in TWO weeks.

Link and more links to stuff you probably want to see
The original article I’m responding to is here

The Kalam Cosmological Argument (this is so thorough and simple it can be used in line at Disneyland or in academic debate)

A teleological argument from the design in the universe presented by a physicist.

A playlist of videos going deep into a moral argument for God by one of my favorite people, William Lane Craig.

The argument from beauty (and yes, you should take this more seriously than you do)

A ridiculous amount of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus presented by two historians

To show the unity of the Bible here is my Jesus in the Old Testament series. I think this is a very strong cumulative case for “unity” which is best explained by inspiration.

For parents wanting to teach their kids critical thinking, here’s a resource on Natasha Crain’s blog for Christian parents. She not only teaches you to teach your kids to think critically, she teaches you to think critically as well.

Extraordinary claims don’t require extraordinary evidence. Seriously, let’s think critically about this slogan.

A great resource for the problem of evil is Clay Jones’ book “Why Does God Allow Evil”. I’m giving this to you as a book instead of a video as I honestly think it’s going to be more helpful to read this one instead of casually watching a video. This topic is tremendously difficult and the patience and thought that reading invokes is going to serve you well as you process it.

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