Typical Closed-minded Atheist

This comes about in response to being told, hundreds and hundreds of times over the years, that my unwillingness to be convinced by insubstantial moth-eaten previously-debunked arguments for Christianity indicates conclusively that I am CLOSED-MINDED. Sound familiar?

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If I were reasonably open-minded, apparently, I would immediately see those flimsy half-baked quasi-arguments as substantial and utterly persuasive, and spontaneously regain my long-ago-abandoned Christian faith. The fact that I remain in disbelief indicates a stubborn unwillingness to open my mind.It seems to escape the other guy’s attention, though, that I was open-minded enough to have thought my way OUT of Christianity, and that they’re talking to the wrong guy about looking at ‘both sides’ fairly. Looking at both sides was what got me out of faith. I know I’m not alone in having the label “closed-minded” applied to me for having looked carefully at arguments that went against everything I wanted to believe, so much so that I had no choice but to relinquish the worldview I defined myself within, and enter a world that seemed utterly bereft of any stability or familiarity. Yeah, real “closed”.

I’m done with those arguments. Of course I am. Of course WE are. We’ve seen through them. An earlier version of the script for this video included the famous quote about a mind, having been stretched by a new idea, being unable to return to its original dimensions. Once you’ve gone past ascribing godly infallibility to the bible texts, for example, and instead seen them for the purely human, flawed, mistaken, and naturally imperfect documents that they are, one can’t simply go back to pretending that those tell-tale signs of their lowly origin are not really there.

I’m hoping that this character (on the left) can be equally as infuriating as the guy I had interviewing Dr. Finch in my 2010 “Special Investigation: Evolution” video. (Remember him? “Not even ONE!”) That guy PISSES PEOPLE OFF!

Well I’m not sure that this was worth the wait or not, but it’s what I’ve got. I hope it meets with general approval. It’s one for the choir, I know. Well, the choir has been very good to me.

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Swooshy sounds: CC2 from freesound.org, attribution to user RHumphries
Jail door sound: CC0 from freesound.org, user TurtleLG
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Traffic noise: CC0 from freesound.org, user rucisko
Cafe sound: CC0 from user bvsowle
Door opening: attribution: user atha89
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