Why Did The Catholic Church Invent Corporeal Jesus? African sprituality vs Christianity

The African spirituality concept of Krst existed thousands of years before Christianity. The Catholic Church changed the Idea to something different than the original concept when they historicized Jesus. But why did they do it? This video will give you documented reasons why the Church had to make Jesus a flesh and blood person.

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0:00 introduction
1:23 Thesis statement of the video
3:56 What was the ancient meaning of KRST before the Catholic Church?
6:29 When did the Catholic Church make Jesus God and man?
7:17 What type of person did the early Catholic Church want to recruit into its organization?
8:33 What did early Christian fathers want their followers to believe?
10:02 Why did the Catholic Church version of Christianity win over the many others?
10:30 What did the ancient Egyptians and Gnostics believe about the soul?
11:14 What function did the Kemetic principle of KRST express in ancient times?
14:35 How did a historical Jesus serve the needs of the Catholic Church?
15:26 What was the political reason the early church needed to invent corporeal Jesus?
16:58 What proclamations were made at the Council of Nicaea that forever separated the Chruch from its Gnostic roots?
17:57 What Gnostic beliefs caused the Catholic Church to want to separate themselves from Gnostics?
18:25 What was the doctrine still followed today that came from separating from Gnostics that was politically important as much as it was theologically important?
19:46 What claim to the Catholic Church need to make about Jesus to gain power?
20:12 Why was the timing of the council of Nicaea so important for the Catholic church’s message?
21:55 How did the Gnostics and people of the time feel about the resurrection of Jesus?
22:37 What claim did the Church make at the Council of Nicaea that gives the Pope his power even up to today?
24:07 What is a unique concept that only Christianity claims?

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