Why should I never feel guilty about having sex? | Kemetic Science vs Christianity

African spirituality has a completely different view of sexuality than Christianity. Have you ever wondered where Christian ideas about sex originated and why they are so conflicting? Why did sex outside of marriage become a sin? The answers can be found by understanding what consequences the ancient Gnostic and Christian fathers felt sex would produce. It had nothing to do with going to hell. That came later.

The Christian puritanical views on sexuality are based on misunderstanding the original spiritual concepts within Kemetic spirituality.

It began with the Gnostics that continued by Christendom. If you have ever felt guilty and ashamed for desiring and having sex you should know and understand where your beliefs about sexuality began with religious indoctrination and the psychologically dysfunctional men who decided those beliefs for you. This video will give you a good foundation to build on for research if you so choose.

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It will help you unravel many Christian doctrines that you questioned and caused you conflict
The benefit of the knowledge and wisdom I share will be mental freedom, which will lead to building confidence, which will lead to you living life in a way that illuminates your purpose, and be authentically and unapologetically you!

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African spirituality science ultimate guide sp

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