will there be a rapture and second coming of Jesus? African sprituality before Christianity

I’ve been asked many times to do a video on the biblical idea of the rapture. This video will probably shake up the beliefs of a lot of people because I will debunk the rapture idea. But it will uplift you and free you from the fear and control of religion. Many Christians live in fear that they will not be ready at the second coming of Jesus a.k.a. the rapture. But this fear is not warranted. In this video, I give some compelling evidence that the Christian belief in Jesus and the rapture is a misplaced misunderstanding of ancient Kemetic spiritual science and theology.

In this video, I explain the original science to give you a better understanding of the true meaning of KRST that will empower you.

Do you want to elevate your knowledge of African spirituality? Do you want to learn the spiritual essence of ideas like KRST, Sin, Heaven, and the resurrection before they became dogmatic Christianity?

Click the link below to learn more about a course that will connect you more to African Spirituality before Christianity:

African spirituality science ultimate guide sp

If you are interested in learning how to apply the ancient spiritual science I have a class that will help you. Click on the link below for more information on the class:


You can purchase the books referenced in the video below please support my work by purchasing through my affiliate link if you decide to buy the books. Thank you!

Sacred Science book link

Egyptian Miracle

Serpent in the sky

Three of the biggest questions my work answers for you:
1. What is African spiritual science?
2. where did this bible story come from and
3. What was that African spiritual science meaning before Christianity twisted it into religion?

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