African Traditional Religion, Faith & Beliefs before Christianity, Islam & Colonization Explained

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African Traditional Religion, Faith & Beliefs before Christianity, Islam & Colonization Explained.
African religion before Christianity. African religion before Islam. African Traditional Religion. The African Religion is a robust system of Religion which is called African Traditional Religion, Faith, or Beliefs. The following are addressed in this video: Ifa Religion, Yoruba Religion, Odu Ifa, Ifa, African Orisha, Orishas, the african religion, african traditional religious, african traditional religion, what are african religions, african religion percentage, central african republic religion, what is african religion, african religion and philosophy, african religion history, list of african religions, history of african religion, east african religion, introduction to african religion, african religion beliefs, african diaspora religion, encyclopedia of african religion, conflict between african traditional religion and christianity, african native religion, african religions a very short introduction, african religion and culture, african folk religion, african religion practices, african traditional religion rituals, african religious art, african religion and spirituality, african religion before christianity, african religions are all monotheistic, sacred animals in african religion, nature spirits in african religion, african religion yoruba, traditional religion in africa, african religious traditions, early african religion, african religion ifa, types of african religions, African Pantheons and the Orishas: Crash Course World Mythology, african religion rituals, traditional african religions nigeria, what do african traditional religion believe in, african religion today, african spirituality vs religion, african religion and beliefs, african religion facts, african religion santeria, facts about african religion, where do african traditional religion worship, africa traditional religion, sources of african religion, the african traditional religion, native american and african religions, african religion animism, african religion documentary, african traditional religion ethics, african traditional religion in nigeria, west african religion history, african religion in jamaica, origin of african religion, in african religion death is regarded as, what are some african religions, relationship between african religion and christianity, diviners in african religion, what is african indigenous religion, structure of african traditional religion, sources of african traditional religion, features of african traditional religion, divinities in african traditional religion, african traditional religion beliefs and practices. This is another “Get a Better Life” quest for the truth for us as Africans. In this video, I would be unfolding what you probably not have had an opportunity to know before now; this is because they don’t want you to know about it and this is one of the reasons why you are not allowed to think for yourself. When you can’t think for yourself, your religious leader would think for you and thereby create fear in your heart and control your life as they want. Has it ever occurred to you that, there used to be a religion in Africa before the advent of Christianity and Islam in Africa? In this video, you are going to understand how and why the majority of Africans embraced these two most populous religions at the expense of our original faith. So what exactly was the religion of Africans before the advent of these two religions? Let’s get into it. To start with, the religion of Africans is called TRADITIONAL AFRICAN RELIGIONS OR TRADITIONAL BELIEFS AND PRACTICES OF AFRICAN PEOPLE. These are a set of highly diverse beliefs that include various ethnic religions i.e religions or beliefs associated with different ethnic groups. Generally, these beliefs are oral rather than scriptural as it is in other religions and these oral are passed down from one generation to another through folk tales, songs, and festivals. The beliefs of African Traditional Believers before Christianity and Islam include belief in an amount of higher and lower gods, most importantly including a supreme creator called Olodumare in the Yoruba language from South Western part of Nigeria, belief in spirits, veneration of the dead, and traditional African medicine, benin, togo, yoruba, nigeria, orunmila, ogun, god, gods, orisha, orishas, ghana, chameleon, powers, myth, mythology, world mythology, africa, african, vodou, voodoo, haiti, south america, slavery, slave trade, west africa. The fact that African traditional religions produced no written works does not make it obsolete or unacceptable. AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGIONS before Christianity and Islam derived their authority from oral history, custom and practice, and the power of priests, kings, and other gifted individuals in dealing with spiritual issues.

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