Introduction to Black Buddhism for African Americans

This Black Buddhist Lecture “Introduction to Black Buddhism” was written, produced, directed, narrated and uploaded by Anthony “Amp” Elmore President and Founder of the “Proud Black Buddhist World Association.” Elmore celebrates 2020 as his 50th year as a practicing Buddhist.
Elmore began practicing “Zen Buddhism” in 1970 as part of his “Old Japanese Shotokan” Karate practice. Elmore broke his knuckles, meditated in icy waters and lived the life as a “Samurai Warrior.” Elmore lived life as a Black revolutionary, Karate Zen styled community activist.

Elmore in 1974 became a Nichiren Buddhist and began chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.” Via the Nichiren Buddhist faith Elmore learned to become mainstream into society and made the decision to use his Karate background to engage in then a new America sport “Karate/Kickboxing.” On May 29, 1982 Elmore not only became the PKA World Heavyweight Champion Elmore went on to win 5 world titles and in 1988 he became Tennessee’s 1st Independent Film producer writing, producing and directing the a semi-Autobiographical film “The Contemporary Gladiator.”

Elmore read the book Malcolm X on Afro-American History and learned about the “Black Buddha.” Elmore in 1991 departed the SGI Buddhist Organization. Elmore in 1998 traveled to Accra, Ghana in West Africa to become the “Official Videographer” of the opening of the 1st Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Africa. Elmore met Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi in 1990 whereas he premiered his film in Africa.

Elmore in 1998 created the Proud Black Buddhist Website whereas Elmore became the more prolific and active “Black Buddhist in America.” Elmore in 2014 created the “Proud Black Buddhist World Association.
This video express the evolution of Anthony “Amp” Elmore as a Black Buddhist in America. This video “Introduction to Black Buddhism” Elmore explains how Black people can become Buddhist. Elmore notes that the model was established by Tina Turner whose life is a model. Both Elmore and Tina practiced Nichiren Buddhism.

Elmore a Nichiren Buddhist for 50 years used his dedication and background to “Introduce Black Buddhism.” For more information visit the website: www, . Learn from the Anthony Elmore You Tube channel where he has uploaded over 600 videos.

Contact Anthony “Amp” Elmore via email:

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